NationBuilder Live! - Links to save

Monday - The Control Panel

Looking for some inspiration to start digging into NationBuilder? Lone Star Veterans Association used NationBuilder to organize their Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in ways they didn’t expect!

Tuesday - People

In 2017 - Apex Clean Energy used NationBuilder’s people tab to organize for wind energy. Take a look at their story to start thinking about how you’re going to organize your supporters!

Wednesday - Communication

How are you communicating with your supporters? Last year, NYC Votes used email and text messages to GOTV on election day.

Thursday - Finances & Website

I also wanted to share this story from our 2017 Year In Review so you can get an idea of fundraising in action and hopefully be inspired! Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand used NationBuilder to raise a ton of money and beat all of her fundraising goals.

Friday - Paths & Goals

If you’re curious about a path success story - Jagmeet Singh of Canada’s NDP counted on NationBuilder Paths and other workflows to win his election in 2017!


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