NationBuilder Live! - Links to save

Monday - The Control Panel

Sign into your nation -

NationBuilder Support Documentation

Tuesday - People

HOW TO navigate your people section

HOW TO import


Relationships between people and organizations

How to request the Voter File from NationBuilder - plus some info on our data

Wednesday - Communication

General Communication HOW TOs

HOW TO create an email address

HOW TO target people & filter (remember you can email a saved filter, list or tag!) 

We have two hour-long webinars on how to set up effective email communication recorded as well - part 1, part 2

Also, here is how you add a header to your email blasts, and a little more on files.

And finally our recent blog post 'Best practices for collecting and repermissioning consent using email and forms'

Thursday - Finances & Website

HOW TO manage your finances with NationBuilder

HOW TO fundraise with NationBuilder

HOW TO start your website -- this link includes the info on adding the ‘homepage’ tag to your pages!

Friday - Paths & Goals

HOW TO Manage Paths

HOW TO use paths and goals for campaigns (along with some example paths!)



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