WYSIWYG Update Walkthrough

WYSIWYG Update Walkthrough

Thank you for joining us today! 


For more detailed webinars you can join us every day starting January 8th at 10am.


What's new!

  • tinyMCE update 
  • Full Screen button easier to see
  • Tables easier to format
  •   Right  
  • Link & image box opens on the same page
  • Source code opens on the same page 
  • CSS style box removed
  • Better copy/paste functions with newer versions of Word 


  • Changing font size with paragraph heading

  • Copy/Paste with keyboard shortcuts (mac and pc
  • Wrapping pictures & text

What's next?

  • Image uploading 

Make sure you're following this Public Issue for future updates. 

Some questions:

Columns -  I used a table with two columns and edited the table properties so the border was 0 pixels. 

Column 1 Column 2


Embedding video - Here's a video of one of my favorite songs - I pasted the youtube link on it's own line with no formatting.